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Graveyard at Midnight

So once again I found myself out until the wee hours of the morning last night shooting.  My daughter and my fellow shooter Roy ( joined me to shoot the night sky.  After scouting several locations, we finally settled on the one with the fewest mosquitos.  It didn't hurt either that it was perched on the top of a hill with a church and a cemetery.  As the night wore on, we found ourselves using these features in our shots.


The key to shooting at night is long shutter releases.  In the case of the shot above, it was over 23 minutes!!  Now, while your camera is sitting there collecting the little bits of ambiant light for that long; you have a great deal of time to ponder things while standing in a cemetery in the dark.  Things such as:  what was that sound... what is that strange light... why do I feel a sudden chill?? 

It was a great night of shooting capped off with a meteor shower and plenty of satelites passing over head, and my daughter can now tell all her friends about the night her dad took her to a graveyard at midnight.

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