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InFocus Photo Exhibit 2016

Upcoming exhibition

I'm proud to announce that I have been selected to exhibit two of my photographs in the 2nd annual InFocus Exhibition

Taking place during the Exposure Photography Festival, which is now in it's 12th year, InFocus is one of numerous exhibitions taking place province wide.

I invite everyone to take in the Edmonton exhibition or any of the other Festival events that will be taking place throughout the province.

Exhibition Dates:
February 5th - 27th

Opening Reception:
February 4th | 6pm - 9pm

DC3 Art Projects
10567 - 111 Street NW
Edmonton, AB

MISSION: To promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful, and provocative photography created by Alberta’s contemporary image makers.
— InFocus Photo Exhibit

This year, the exhibit will also be having a People's Choice Award in which you can vote for your favorite image from those chosen.  My image Morning Fire has been selected to take part in the voting.  You can see the selected images, and vote for your choice, here.  You may place 1 vote each 24hr period, so please vote daily!!

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Morning Road Trip

The past few months have seen my focus shift to many aspects of my business other than actually taking pictures.  Between art walks, preparing for my upcoming gallery exhibit this fall, setting up a 'store front' presence, attending a workshop or two, and numerous other 'business' activities; there has been one constant... no 'camera-time'.  This past weekend I tossed my hands in the air and said "Enough is enough!!" and hit the road.  No, unfortunately it was not one of my multi-day road trips... heck, it wasn't even a full day trip.  Although it was only a few hours spent wandering the back-roads of Parkland County, it was definitely a much needed creative break and quite rejuvenating.  The icing on the cake was the fact that I got a few 'keepers' along the way!!

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Auroral Light Show

Like most anybody with a camera, last night found me standing in the dark with my lens gazing skyward.  With the solar winds whipping up a frenzy of activity overhead, there was plenty to photograph.  While keeping an eye on the auroral forecast, I scrolled through my mental database of potential shooting locations.


While the 'lights' were definitely impressive, the best part of the evening was getting to share the shoot with my daughter.  Never having seen them before, she was excited to have the chance to shoot them as well.  Knowing full well that she was going to be facing a tough day at school, she chose to join 'Pops' for the show.


With the location chosen and all the gear triple checked, we set off hoping for a great show.  We did not have to wait long after our arrival for the show to begin.  It wasn't long until I could see the excitement on my daughters face in the glow of the LCD screen as she reviewed her images.


After a couple of hours, and a few hundred shots between us, it was time to head for home.  I'm pretty sure that I won't have any problem convincing her to head out in the dark to capture the Northern Lights again.


I am frequently asked how to shoot the Northern Lights, so here are my recommendations.  First off, YOU MUST HAVE A TRIPOD!!!  This is NOT an option!!!  You will also want a fast, wide angle lens and shoot with it wide open.  I set the camera to manual mode with a shutter speed of between 6 - 10 seconds MAXIMUM.  Anything longer than that will typically result in just a big green blob in the sky.  I then adjust my ISO to achieve the desired exposure.  Once that's set, enjoy the show and keep on clicking!!


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Happy New Year!!

It's that time of year again where we all sit perplexed and wonder what happened to the past year.  It seems like only yesterday that I was looking forward to 2014, and yet here I am contemplating what 2015 has in store. 

This year, I welcomed in the New Year with a bang courtesy of the Town of Stony Plain.  The town rang in 2015 with a Family Fest that wrapped up with a fireworks display.  Those of you that follow me know that I'm a sucker for a fireworks show to photograph.  It was a great way to spend the evening with family and friends... and my camera!!

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