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Gettin' down with Niagara Falls

On Monday we managed to fit in 2 trips to Niagara Falls.  The first trip was mid morning and gave us ample opportunity to see this grand ol' dame in all of her natural splendor.  The crowds, which seemed great at the time, were actually not that bad and afforded us the opportunity to photograph from many different vanatge points.


Our second trip of the day came after night fall, and this once majestic creature was more than ready for the night life.  With a coat of brightly colored make-up, courtesy of numerous high powered spot lights, she was definitely ready to party. 

The crowds, now far larger than in the morning, were most definitely ready to party right along side her.  Finding a spot along the rail to shoot was definitely a challenge and not surrendered easily.  It just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover... who knew that this majestic old lady liked to "get down" once the sun goes down.

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