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Comfort Zone

OK... so things have been a little hectic and chaotic around my place lately, and that has SEVERELY hampered my so-called 'shooting time'.  I did, however, manage to get out for a couple of hours over the Thanksgiving weekend.  My enthusiasm over being able to squeeze in a couple of hours to go shooting was quickly tempered, though, once I hit the field as it appeared that the photo Gods were conspiring against me.  The sky had virtually no detail in it and the wind was absolutely howling. Being what I refer to as a 'big-game' shooter, and relying on highly detailed skies and calm conditions in pursuit of the grand landscapes I typically shoot; I knew that I had my work cut out for me.  Being pushed out of my comfort zone, I began to search for more intimate landscape images to shoot.  In all honesty, on a day with better shooting conditions I would likely have walked right past the following images.  Although I would not consider them 'keepers', they remind me to step out of my comfort zone and keep an eye out for the more subtle shot

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