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Hard Luck Falls

Hard Luck Falls - Whitecourt, AB

It seems like forever since I woke up early on a weekend morning, grabbed my camera gear and hit the back roads looking for something to shoot.  There's just something about loading all the camera gear in the vehicle, packing a picnic lunch in the cooler on ice, and heading off in search of your next great shot.  You might snicker at the cooler comment, but some that have braved a road trip with me have come to appreciate that cooler by the end of the day.  Others, however, come to fear the cooler... for that usually means it's going to be one loooong day. 

I recently found myself staring at the ceiling at 5am on a Sunday morning, attempting to count the stipple.  With a sudden burst of energy, the cooler was packed & I was on the road for parts unknown.  Well, to be honest, it was actually to parts known.  I had been 'tipped-off' about a pretty nice set of waterfalls near Whitecourt, AB & was determined to find them.  The search was actually pretty darn simple... drive to Whitecourt & follow the road signs right to the trail-head.  While the trip there was actually pretty anti-climactic, the falls were anything but.  With a moderate flow and fairly impressive drop, the multi-tiered falls did not disappoint.  Being there relatively early, I had the falls all to myself for nearly 2 hours & took full advantage of it.

Unfortunately my time alone with the falls had to come to an end.  As an endless stream of other visitors came down to the falls, I packed up my gear and heading off to find my trusty cooler.  With a sandwich in hand, and an ice cold beverage in the cup holder, I set off down the road in search of my next subject.  A short distance off the highway, I soon spotted an old abandoned farmstead & soon had it in front of my lens.

After a 14hr day, 500+ km of exploring, and nearly 1000 images; my empty cooler & I arrived safely back home.  It was such a great day that I do not see cooler being relegated to the back of the closet anytime soon.

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Be Prepared

Although I was never a Boy Scout, when it comes to photography I strongly believe in their motto of "Be Prepared".  As anyone who knows me will confirm, my camera gear is rarely more than an arms reach away... you just never know when you will spot a great photo opportunity.  Those that have ever gone on a road trip with me know all to well that I have no problem stopping on the side of the road or detouring to check out something I have spotted.

Sometimes, however, I have spotted a location but it just wasn't 'ready' yet to be photographed.  Case in point... there is a field NW of Edmonton that I drive by on my way to visit my Dad or my sister's family that I've had my eye on for nearly 2 years!!  Last Saturday I found myself heading to my sister's for a family BBQ and, of course, I checked out 'my field' on the way past.  Much to my surprise, and delight, I found the field had been planted with canola this year and it was in full bloom!!  My 'Spidey Sense' began to tingle, and I knew that there just may be a chance for a shot here late in the day. 

Timing my departure from my sister's to coincide with sunset, I arrived approximately 15 minutes before the sun actually set.  This gave me time to get set up and take numerous shots as the sun approached the distant tree line on the horizon.  As you can see below, I think that the combination of prior scouting and being prepared paid off.


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