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Dusty & Rusty

So... It's been a little while since I've been out shooting.  Ok... fine... a long while!!  Last night I finally had a chance to get out with my daughter and a fellow shooter for an evening and fill up a card or two.

We started out in Walterdale Park and spent a little while shooting some of the old buildings that make up the John Walter Museum.

As the sun sank lower towards the horizon, we packed up our gear and headed up to Conners Hill.  At this time of year when shooting from of Conners, the sun sets directly behind the downtown core.  This can set up the possibility for some pretty dramatic sunsets.

While we were up on the hill shooting, we could see that the pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory were lit up with alternating colors.  Now, I have never had to be convinced to go shoot the pyramids at night; but when they're all lit up... try and stop me!!  Once again, we packed up our merry little band of shooters and set off down the hill. 

After about a half hour of shooting, my daughter appeared to be suffering from power failure... both in her camera and herself. So, after nearly 5 hours of shooting we packed up and headed for home. 

It was good to get out once again... even if it meant having to blow a little dust off the gear and polish some rust off the skills.


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