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We live in an increasingly visual world and are bombarded with an endless stream of images each day.  Fueling this bombardment has been an explosion in the availability of affordable and very capable digital camera systems.  While the capabilities of these new camera systems are truly amazing, there's usually a very steep learning curve to fully harness those capabilities. 

Too many times I have seen photo-enthusiasts shell out thousands of dollars for the latest and greatest camera, all in an attempt to get better shots.  Unfortunately, these purchases usually result in frustration after seeing no tangible improvement in their photos. 

To see an improvement in your photos actually does require an investment, however it should first be an investment in yourself.  Increasing your 'Photo-IQ' will help you take full control of your "photo-making" process.  Through a series of discussions and hands-on exercises, these workshops focus on both the creative & technical skills required to foster your own photographic vision and style.

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Here's what past participants have to say:

The information was well broken down & easy to follow.

Al was very knowledgeable & patient answering our many questions.

Finally get to use my camera to get the full functionality and get better pictures.

Al is very knowledgeable. His passion is infectious & his desire to help is genuine.

I no longer feel completely intimidated when I open Lightroom. Thank you!

Al is a great instructor, very patient, and a thoughtful approach!

Al was great! Easy to follow & understand his instruction.

Found out I was not using my camera to it's full ability.

Very informative. Easy to follow. Felt very comfortable in asking any question.

Learned so much in so little time. Can't wait to take the next courses.

Thanks for your help during the course. I feel more confident now with my camera.

Lovely course. Lots of information & practice with your actual camera.

Learned a lot and looking forward to the next course.

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