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Thanks for taking time to stop by my site.  I would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you may have.  Remember, if you suggest a location that I use on my site; you may qualify for a complimentary 8x10 print.

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I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my new camera.  I never thought I would ever be able to understand it and be comfortable with it. I now understand the difference between taking snap shots and photographs. Thank you!!

July 28, 2014 | Susan

Just received one of your prints (framed) for my birthday. It is the St. Albert train station and rails plus an octagonal building plus a lower building with a hand cart. Could you tell me where this was taken? I just love the print. Please tell me more about it.

April 23, 2014 | Sonja Van Bostelen

Awesome photos!  The color in them is outstanding and the images are so crisp!  Beautiful!    

April 20, 2013 | Sonia Matichuk

Wow!  Incredible pictures!  I especially liked the one that shows the blue lunchbox in a red combine!  :)  Awesome website.   

October 28, 2012 | Priscilla Holt

So many favorites! I'm going to need more walls in my house. Thank you for sharing your talent, truly amazing.

August 3, 2012 | Michelle

Beautiful and breath taking! Im so excited for you and looking foward to following you and your work!

June 16, 2012 | Katherine

awesome web site and photography, you are a very talented person. Looking forward to what pictures you take next! :)

June 16, 2012 | Vickie Holt

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