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Once Was Not Enough...

There are 2 questions that I am frequently asked about my work, whether it's here on my website or in person at shows.   The first is easy to answer... "Yes, it is a photograph".  In all honesty, the answer to the second question is much tougher, but would have to be "I'm not sure why". 

That second question regards why I don't do any work in black and white.  As I mentioned above, I'm really not sure why.  As a result, I have been spending more time working in this medium recently.

While on a trip through southern Alberta last weekend, I was afforded the perfect opportunity to continue this work.  While not what I would officially call a ghost town, Dorothy is a photographer's paradise.  Remnants of the town's past abound, and include a long abandoned grain elevator.

Abandoned grain elevator dominates the skyline over Dorothy, AB.

Nestled in the Badlands south of Drumheller, this town still has a few inhabited households nestled in the coulee floor. I had the opportunity to chat with a couple of the residents during my morning shoot.  Their pride in their little piece of heaven was more than evident in each of them.  They have begun to restore some of the old buildings, all with their own time and money. 

Although it may only be but a dot on most maps, this is one location that has long been on my "Must Shoot" list for quite some time.  Now that I have cleared it from that list, it has become firmly entrenched in my "Must Shoot Again" list.  Who knows, there may even be a few more black and whites to come as well.

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