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World Wide Photo Walk

Last weekend was another first for both myself and my daughter, Ashlynn, as we took part in the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo WalkScott Kelby is known as "The Photoshop Guy" and the training offered through his company Kelby Training is second to none. 

This is the 6th annual photo walk that he has organized and it continues to grow in popularity.  This years event saw over 1,200 local photo walks held around the world, with over 28,000 participants.  The walk in Edmonton was led by local professional photographer and instructor, Darlene Hildebrandt.

We were both looking forward to the walk, but I will admit to being a bit nervous.  With 50 people registered for the walk, I wasn't sure how the other participants would take to an 11 year old along on the walk.  My apprehension was soon put to rest, as everyone she came into contact with welcomed her just like any other shooter.  She had a blast, and was soon "talking shop" with everyone from hobbyists right up to working professional photographers. 

We began the walk at the Royal Alberta Museum, and shot around the museum grounds before working our way along 124 Street.   

For someone who shoots primarily landscapes, I felt a little bit out of my element as we walked along one of the busiest corridors into the downtown core.  

Ashlynn, on the other hand, had no problems finding something to shoot.  With her favorite subject all around, she jumped right in and started shooting. 

We both had a great time, met some new people, got some new ideas, and will definitely be back next year.  Thanks again to Scott Kelby & his team, Darlene HIldebrandt, and all the other walkers for their contributions to a great day.

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