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As we all know, sometimes even the best laid plans can be de-railed and we must adapt to the situation at hand.

The other morning I had plans to head out with a fellow shooter to Mill Creek Ravine in Edmonton.  We were hoping to capture a little bit of the city's heritage by shooting the old wooden train trestle spanning the ravine.  The morning dawned to a dull, grey, overcast sky and we had some concerns with the lighting.  Upon arrival, we found the trestle to be a little 'crowded' by the neighboring roadway; but set about trying to find a vantage point to shoot from.  Encountering icy and unsafe conditions near the trestle, along with the poor lighting conditions, soon had us abandoning our original plans.  Setting off to explore the trails, we now had our focus set on more 'intimate' shots.

With my focus set on the 'smaller' details, suddenly the striking contrast of bright red berries against a dark, wooded background popped out at me. 

Of course, the contrast of a couple shopping carts frozen solid into the ice is obvious to even the most casual of observer!!

After having a few days of warmer weather, thin pools of water had formed on the ice surface and led to some interesting reflections along the shore line.

 Along the surface of the ice, many interesting snow formations could be found.

 After exploring the ravine, we stopped at the old train station along Gateway Blvd and Whyte Ave on our way home.  This heritage building has found a new life as an upscale eatery, and still maintains is original design.

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