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"Is that really a photo??"

Without a doubt, that is the most common question I get asked when people see my work for the first time.  After reassuring them that it is indeed a photo, they usually follow up with the second most commonly asked question I face...

"How do you do that??"

Well, have I got some great news for those of you that really do want the answer to that question.  You now have the chance to join me in a workshop setting where I will show you how I produce my images!!  Come out and learn about HDR photography, one of the most popular methods of creating dramatic images. 

Thin ray of morning sun lights the face of Pyramid Mountain in Jasper National Park.

The Art Society of Strathcona County has invited me to facilitate this workshop for them, and it will run January 17th & 18th.  It will involve a Friday evening discussion; where we will cover what HDR is, equipment and software requirements, camera settings, and some example images.

On Saturday morning, we will take the information learned the evening before and put it to the test.  We will hit the field for some practical, hands-on experience and actually capture our own images.  Following a lunch break, we will then work on processing some of those shots and create our own HDR image(s). 

For more details and registration information, please see the attached info sheet and visit the ASSC website.

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