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The New Glass Hits the Field

This past weekend, I ventured out to Jasper National Park for a little R&R.  Now, as most of you know, R&R for me is quite likely to involve my camera.  This weekend I was determined to get better aquinted with my new 24mm tilt-shift lens, so I limited myself to using only that lens. 

The first thing I wanted to try and get a grip on was using the tilt function to control the depth of field.  Having found an old log cabin, I used it as a test subject and was able to capture the following image. It was shot at an aperature of F3.5, yet is in focus all the way through the image.



I don't think that I have ever been to Jasper and not paid a visit to Pyramid Lake.  Both mornings, it was pretty much standing room only along the shoreline with all the photographers out at the crack of dawn.  As you can see below, there is a reason why it's so popular.

All of the above images took advantage of either the tilt, shift, or both features of the lens.  After shooting exclusively with it for the past 2 days, my comfort level with it has defintely increased... along with my fondness for it.

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